Légumes + Organic Smoothies.

All Star Team. Chef Driven. Top quality ingredients. No cash, no trash.


Foodchain began with a group of friends – Charles-Antoine Crête, Cheryl Johnson, Zébulon Perron, and Jean-François Saine, sitting around a table. As the conversation went on we added an artist, a photographer, a baker (Jeffrey Finkelstein), and a number of chefs to the mix. 4,923 cups of coffee, 351 wine bottles, and 687 lunches later, here we are!


Cheryl JohnsonZebulon PerronJean-François SaineJeffery FinkelsteinCharles-Antoine Crète

Our objective is to reinvent fast-food. To that end, we are looking to build the best team possible – we believe that the most important factor in any company is the human factor. If you are energetic, intelligent, and honest, drop us a line at carrieres@eatfoodchain.com.